Thursday 17 July 2014

The end or the beginning :: days 98-101

Day 98
Beautiful splash of blue in-between the yellow. Love cornflowers.

Day 99
A day off, the first day of my part time working. It felt like a weekend as the ABO was off and we were with the children. We had a few jobs to do, and had that accomplished feeling when they were all done.

Day 100
A summer visit to Harlow Carr, we’d literally just missed Joan Collins and Robert de Niro (together? I don’t know) and....Ant & Dec!

Day 101
The start of Le Tour de Yorkshire. I wasn’t that enamoured I have to say. I was grumpy that it was going to make it difficult on my birthday weekend and the fact it just felt restrictive with the road closures. We thought we’d try and go close to the A61 to see if we could get parked and maybe watch the cyclists whizz by. Well imagine our surprise when there were barely any cars on the road and Chapel Allerton was almost a ghost town (not Caffe Nero, the queue was out. of. the. door.). We ended up going home to watch the race on the TV and spot local places. The crowds were busy along the main routes near us (and practically along the whole route over the weekend) and it would’ve been impossible for BigR (and me for that matter) to see anything.

Team working my birthday cake, a Victoria sponge. It was very, very light. We decided to put jam in the middle, keep it traditional, and let it be able to last a few days longer (as the ABO was away with work) rather than decorating with cream. This practical abstinence led to the addition of ice cream!

Well, I completed my 101 days. I think I’ll join in with Gillian and celebrate the happys in each week. I’ll aim for Friday (and after my disastrous attempt at scheduled posting) at some point in the week there will be a post!


  1. I have to admit that I would be annoyed about the Tour coming through my town too. A lot of blogs made it look really fun and festive but I think I'd just be aggravated by it. I would never pressure you to blog any differently, but I always like what you have to say and I'll be around to read when you're able to write. :)

  2. That feeling of having accomplished stuff is so nice isn't it. Not one I've had for a while though! What on earth is going on at Harlow Carr, it's the last place you'd expect to see celebrities. I hope you had a good visit there, it's somewhere I'd love to go. A shame you didn't get to see the cyclists, it always looks so busy everywhere they go doesn't it. And all for a flash a brightly coloured lycra and then they're gone. I love watching a bit of it on television, especially the incredible mountain passes, but I think you need to be a hardcore fan to actually go and line the route. I hope you have a good weekend, I shall look forward to reading your weekly happies. CJ xx

  3. Oh my goodness, that sponge looks delicious. And as far as the Tour is concerned: it can stay where it should be - in France! ;-)

  4. Hmmm not enamoured by Le Tour either I'm looking forward to the annual raft race in St Ives though. Personally I don't think that you can beat a victoria sponge. Happy belated birthday to you, and I look forward to you weekly happy posts. I always enjoy writing mine.
    Leanne xx

  5. I can't imagine how strange it would have been to bump into Joan Collins at Harlow Carr. I'm getting 'Dynasty' flashbacks of Alexis Carrington and Krystal having a fight in a lily pond...
    S x

  6. What a shame that you missed out on a spot of celeb spotting!! xx

  7. Belated happy birthday! I love your Victoria sponge cake. We made the same cake for my older daughter's birthday. She asked for a 'pink princess cake' but I'm useless with decorating wirh icing so my husband came up with the idea of cutting out a crown shape and using that as a sort of stencil so there's a crown at the top with pink glimmery sugar. It worked thank goodness. I wasn't keen on Tour deFrance either but it was very exciting watching the cyclists go past. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful Yorkshire landscape on the telly... Hope you're having a lovely weekend! x

  8. I had no idea Harlow Carr was so good for celebrity spotting! It's lovely there, isn't it. Your birthday cake looked very good. That's the trouble with putting cream in Victoria sponge - you have to eat it up so quickly! x