Thursday, 28 April 2016

Small, nice things

:: Our school holidays finished and we're back into the usual routines. It was a holiday of great action and inactivity in just the right amounts. Now I know we're back as I've already tackled the first week of uniform ironing. We're in gingham territory now.

:: This week we took a trip to YSP where we saw the KAWS sculptures. It was a beautiful day. I found them intriguing.  LittleR loved to imitate their poses!

:: My camellia is in flower again. Just beautiful.

:: Carrot cake muffins complete with icing. No nuts (but the biggest girl still doesn't like these!). No sultanas/currants/raisins (my nemesis). Yum.

:: New book, new obsession.

:: Our living room has been decorated. We've moved some of the toys out and rearranged them in other areas of the house, We chose a warm pewter grey for the wall colour. It's such a huge change from before. The room seems so much bigger, this is likely to be the lack of toys! I'm in love with the curtains. We're now looking out for some large prints to go on the wall above the's not 'finished'  but I'm good at works in progress.

:: In tidying up for the living room to be decorated I went through a large number of photos. I had to do a double take on one. It turns out my youngest girl is the image of my brother at the same age. They pose for a picture in the same way. At that moment I really wished she could have met him. It was lovely and very surprising all at once.

:: Can you believe it snowed yesterday and we're due a light dusting overnight. Goodness me Spring it's nearly May!! Plus travel chaos tomorrow.

:: Still at least the tulips are coming.