Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring and stuff

March, as it happens, hasn't turned out quite the way I'd (we'd) expected.

Spring is definitely here. I've been doing my best to appreciate it. Looking out for new growth in the garden, enjoying sunny days, buying some new garden furniture, seeing my camellia burst into flower, having some work done to make the garden secure, enjoying Mother's day, making pom poms (in blue wool!) to turn into Easter chicks.

In amongst all this we have a sick child. Potentially she might be very, very sick. In the last weeks the medication and the surveillance have become second nature. There have been trips back to the hospital, where indecision and caution (and waiting, oh the waiting!) seems to be the name of the game, especially in paediatrics. I understand this being involved in healthcare professional education but it is frustrating.

How on earth do you get a 2 year old to take nasty tasting medicines? She's no fool and knows when it's coming! She's not up for bribery either anymore. If anyone says just point it on the inside of her cheek, they're seriously deluded by her capacity to struggle, not to swallow and just spit it out! Shes very determined (but not as determined as me!! Current vehicle of choice  Dairy Milk Pots of Joy - the irony!).

So I'm a little bit in denial about it all, a little bit let's wait and see what they say this week, a little bit preparing for the difficult discussion. What's surprised me the most is how easy it is to feign normal. And for the most part it is normal - her behaviour is that of a normal, happy 2 year old.  To look at her you would never know.

So I've been a little bit out of the loop. I've not really commented on anyone's blogs although I've been reading them I've not had the access (what is it with commenting on your phone?) or brain capacity to string together coherent thought.. I'm hoping that April will pick up and normal service will be resumed. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, bear with me.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The year in books :: March

Another month flies by. I actually read the 2 books I planned to read. And the 2 books I planned to read were good ones.

Sleep Tight - Rachel Abbott was a thriller about Olivia who rings the police as her husband and children have disappeared. " years later it is Olivia and her children who have disappeared leaving her husband distraught. Things aren't always as they seem and this was a really good read. I'm looking forward to trying some of her other books soon.

My second book for February was Mark Edwards - Because She Loves Me. Again a thriller, focussing on a chance meeting between Andrew and Charlie and what happens as they develop their relationship. Once more I sped through this and will be looking out for some of his other work.

This month, I've selected 3 books to choose from. I doubt I'll get all the way through the list but it gives me a bit of flexibility if I can't get into one...

OxCrimes - a selection of short stories by many crime authors including Mark Billingham, Val McDermid and Ann Cleeves. The Ox bit is for Oxfam as sales of the book raise funds for it. There have been a couple of other short stories books for Oxfam including OxTravels and OxTales.

The Kashmir Shawl - Rosie Thomas has been in my kindle feed for ages just waiting to be picked up. March is that month.

My final choice is Elizabeth is Missing - Emma Healey. I read a few good reviews of this and thought I'd give it a try.

Let's see how we go.

Once again joining in with Laura.