Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Optimism on another 100 days

I thought a good way to continue on my Autumnal optimistic outlook was to have another go at 100 days project. (We've had a bit of a shaky week as the ABO walked in on a burglar early on Sunday when getting up for work. Anyway we're all fine and we're doing our best to put it behind us). I did this last year in the run up to the Tour de France start in Yorkshire which ended on my birthday weekend.

Serendipitously, 100 days from today is Christmas day. Which is a good end point.  So, the plan is to try and find at least one happy thing in my day every day for 100 days. I'm hoping focussing on positive things will give me some perspective and make me appreciate the big and the small. I'll pop in here and update every now and again.

Monday, 14 September 2015

The year in books :: September

Once again I’m a bit late this month. It’s been steady progress for me reading wise …
Firstly I read Tana French’s ‘The Secret Place’. I’m now waiting for her to write a new book. I enjoyed this but perhaps not as much as some of her other work. The story is set in a boarding school so with the overtones of Mallory Towers in my head I set off on the journey. This time we revisit Frank Mackey through his daughter Holly - who attends the school where the unsolved murder has occurred. I found the story and excellent read but I was a little bit disappointed with the ending. Just a little. Just me?

Secondly I read the second book from Tony Parsons in his new guise as a crime writer. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t too taxing with too many plot twists and turns to remember, the story trundled onwards interspersed with the development of his main character Max Wolfe. I think this series was set to be a trilogy but I imagine that if they sell well there could be more.

For September I plan to read The Magpies – Mark Edwards and a huge number of craft books as I’ve just ordered 5 from Amazon’s second hand bookshop!!

Joining in again with Laura

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

La Rentree

Did you know that the French (and the Italians) have a word for this time of year? La Rentree (il rientro) is the autumnal time for going back to school. In these countries it's more than just the return to school. Often it's the return to work after the extended summer holiday (that they still seem to have for 2 weeks in August in Italy where every man woman and child seems to go on holiday and everything closes!).

I think it's a good word to describe this time of year. BigR returned to school on Monday (with labelled uniform!) and we start to settle into that autumn routine. It's a time for birthdays and for plans. And for stationery of course. It's a time when I feel relentlessly positive, a fresh start, a new moment. even the darkening evenings don't squash my perky mood

I'm more than ready for Autumn. We had a really good summer but this Autumn feels like a new year. LittleR is much better and things can continue in more of an even keel. 

I've been making plans:

  • things to do (places to go - I want to see the poppy exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park)
  • things I'd like to do in the house (including sorting through the epic number of toys and actually getting some out of the house, probably under the cloak of darkness), 
  • things I'd like to make (food and crafty stuff)
  • things which need to be done (replace a window - ugh!)
So my newest plan is to make a shawl for myself and knitted dolls for the girls from a most excellent book by Jane Bull

I've bought the wool for all the projects....and am itching to get going. 

I've already gotten in a knot with the biggest Titus skein. I'm also totally confused by the pattern. Turn the work 90 degrees clockwise and knit into itself? Might as well be in gibberish! Ah well I'll get there eventually. It's a good job Autumn and Winter last a long time!