Friday, 12 February 2016

Creative busyness

Sometimes you just have to make a bit of time. It's busy at the mo. I've been busy with students, busy with children and busy getting ready for a much needed break. It's half term next week and we all really need it. The ABO has a couple of extra days off tagged on to his normal off days. We're heading to the North Yorkshire coast for a few days. A change of scene will do us all good I am sure. I'm preparing for poor weather but you never know...

In addition, I'm sorting things, trying to finish stuff off. I've had this in my mind's eye for over a year. My good friend had her second baby at the end of February last year. I'd planned this idea, but then, LittleR became unwell and it slipped away. I bought a gift (for ease) but as I'd made a present for her son the idea didn't go away. So in the next 2 weeks I'm going to applique and stitch her name in a hoop. And then, to go with it,  I'll buy some more plastic tat to clutter up my friend's house! 

I'm also three balls into the ABO's scarf. We haven't really had a harsh winter (so far - don't want to tempt fate for next week!) so he hasn't needed it, which is lucky. It'll definitely be done for winter 16/17!

I'm joining in with Jennifer (at the final moment...) and her winter project link.