Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Precious things

(Before I begin I'll start with an apology for the one appalling picture- it snowed, it didn't get light, I was rushing....enough. Sorry)

Every now and then I like to step back into my old life.

By that I mean I take a trip through memories that don’t surface very often. I have, ahem, several memory boxes. I remember seeing Anthea Turner (Perfect housewife – does anyone remember that? Grief I didn’t know whether it was aspirational or a comedy programme…probably a bit of both for me) suggest that in order to minimise clutter in your home you should have one small box for memories. 

Ahahahahahahahahaha….if only…

So now I have several, smallish, boxes. (Pictured is just one stash of boxes- don't look in the loft)

Cards, letters, tickets, pictures, receipts (yes receipts!!) …you name it it’s in there. All telling a story of a day or a time that was and still is, important to me.

Now my latest addition to the box pile is possibly my most precious…it’s the boxes full of my children’s drawings. How do you know which to keep or not? Big R is a prolific artist and scribe. This has only been enhanced since she started school. Now LittleR is following in her footsteps. What to do with it all? Every now and then I have a cull but it makes me feel guilty…but when we’re getting through a ream of paper every month …

Included in these boxes are something that won’t be culled. The girls’ wristbands from their births. My Mum still has mine and my brothers…truly a precious thing.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

The year in books - January

Well my reading in December didn’t go exactly as planned…

I did read Into the Woods by Tana French. Halfway through I was so enjoying this book I downloaded the next one to my kindle. I really had to hold off from downloading them all right away.

So December consisted of 2 Tana French books…Into the Woods and The likeness. I really, really enjoyed these books and am so pleased Jennifer put her latest one on her blog and gave me pause to consider them! I found the way she develops her characters intriguing and I like how the books are connected but not dependent on each other. I’m holding off binging on all of her novels so I can look forward to the next pones…I also finally finished Stephen Fry’s autobiography. It wasn’t as good as his other stuff. ‘Nuff said.

So this month, and yes I understand it being almost February, I’ve been reading Maggie O’Farrell’s “Instructions for a Heatwave” and plan to read Jay Rayner’s “The Apologist” and potentially a new Simon Kernick novel... If I can stop myself from the third Tana French book…..

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Where I plan to blog but end up complaining

I planned to spend time this evening visiting your blogs and posting a long post of my 2015 so far. 

Instead there is much tooth gnashing as I undo 9 billion knots and lament the potential of going out of the FA cup. 

Don't ask how it happened. The knots not the football. 

Normal service to be resumed shortly, meanwhile enjoy a picture of my knee and my very cosy slippers.