Friday, 3 July 2015

The year in books :: July

Yes, I finally finished The Apologist. I actually really enjoyed it. The premise being that Mark, the lead character feel he needs to atone for all the bad things he's done in his life (from giving a restaurant a bad review to how badly he treated his first girlfriend) and his apologies are so heartfelt he's recruited by the United Nations as their chief apologist....

This month I also starting reading the next in the Tana French series of books "Broken Harbour". Although that'll be extended into July it's looking good so far. I really enjoy her characterisations and I'm intrigued to know whodunit!!

I decided I'd save the new Kate Atkinson until we (hopefully) go on holiday and also have another Rachel Abbott "Stranger Child" and a set of three short stories by Simon Kernick to keep me quiet this month....obviously this is subject to change on my whim!!! I migth also get the last Tan French book too. Need to have plenty of reading matter to choose form on holidays.

Last month, I also said I'd be talking about other things I have been reading. Well, for work I've been working my way through "Transformative dimensions of adult learning" and "Learning as Transformation" both by Jack Mezirow. It's as accessible as it sounds, although the concepts are interesting I'm finding the book itself tough going!
More to my taste is my bedtime leafing through Tender vol I (Nigel Slater) and Hugh FW's Everyday Veg. The cauliflower and chickpea curry looks very good (and doesn't involve the oven on these hot days!).

An aside - (whilst browsing for new books on my kindle the other day I was delighted to see the new Robert Galbraith book is out in October. It'll be here in no time!! That's October sorted then!)