Wednesday 2 July 2014

Holidays, Praise and Colour (in various guises) :: days 87-97

Only a few days of this challenge left. I'm still amazed I kept it also means that it's nearly my birthday, which means cake. Yum. I'm trying to decide what I want. The ABO offered to make a lemon tart but as I'm the only one who likes it (and there are limits with lemon tart even on your birthday) maybe we'll have something else, a Mary Berry Victoria sponge perhaps as its very family friendly. BigR is currently obsessed with how old everyone is and then telling anyone who'll listen. And that Mummy is older than Daddy. are the last 10 days. I'm hoping to keep this up but following Gillian's example of a weekly round up of happiness. 

I will, also, get around to commenting on everyone's blogposts...thank you for reading mine here.

Day 87
:: A Saturday morning trip into Leeds with enough time for a coffee and to leave before the busyness descends

Day 88
:: Packing for our midweek break. I am always amazed at how much is required by two small people for 4 days!

:: Taking control of the nursery bear's holiday with us...

Day 89
:: Seeing months of preparation turn into an well organised and thought provoking conference….Before running from the building to go on our hollibobs.

:: Picking up pine cones from the forest floor.

:: BigR and LittleR sharing a room for the first time.

Day 90
:: My first ride on a bike in 25 years. Hilarious!

:: Holiday treat - having a pedicure. It’s not something I get done very often. I paint my own toenails (usually the same colour all summer) but a foot massage and a professional polish is a real treat.

Day 91
:: Taking both the Rs swimming. Little R loving being able to stand up in the water!

:: Cupcake decorating by BigR.

:: Chalkboard colouring. 

Day 92
:: Pottery painting by BigR

:: The first BBQ of the summer. BBQ always seem like a good idea but then seemingly (in our house) take ages and encourages flies and wasps to appear like magic. This time we got it right…cook it outside and eat it inside!

:: Goose and duck feeding overlooking the lake.

Day 93
:: Homeward bound but not until after another dip in the pool

:: The relief of your own bed after being away (even if the bed was very comfy!).

Day 94
:: The excitement by the girls as Grandma and Grandad arrived.

:: A(lmost) nite off. It’s amazing how only putting one child to bed frees up your evening.

:: A perfectly cooked steak with peppercorn sauce.

Day 95
:: An early night with a good book in preparation for a week of 4.20am wake ups

Day 96
:: The ducklings again. They’re much bigger!

:: Praise after well received teaching.

:: Coming to the end of a really well written book.

Day 97
:: Conference feet. The coffee was only fair.

:: Beautiful roses in my garden.


  1. My goodness you pack a lot into your days! I like the sound of a pedicure, but I have horrendous trench foot. It's what happens when you live in flip flops while gardening. And those cakes look very yum. I am craving cake at the moment after seeing someone have a huge slab of carrot cake earlier.
    Leanne xx

  2. You've been so busy. I've never had a pedicure. I'm afraid to have people touch my feet! Your toes look lovely and your sandals are very pretty. I love the look of the cupcakes, BigR did a nice job with them.

  3. Oh wow, your feet look super cool. I have used the same two nail polishes for five years and neither of them are half as cool. I am glad you had a nice break. On BBQs: I remember hating eating outside as a child, at least after the first two weeks. It was always so hot and far away from the kitchen, too.

  4. What a lovely long list of happy things! Having a pedicure is always a treat. The nail polish colour you chose is very trendy and summery--I might try it too! Glad to hear you had a lovely break. Did you go to Centerparcs? x

  5. You've made me really want a pedicure now! I've never had one, it seems like the ultimate indulgence. And that photo of the roses is just gorgeous, they seem to glow. x