Friday 13 June 2014

New shoes, weather and conforming :: days 69 - 78

How is it ten days since I last post? I really buy into the concept that time moves more quickly as you age because each minute becomes a smaller proportion of the time you have lived. That’s why double physics on a Friday afternoon dragged then? I just hadn’t lived!

Day 69

:: Receiving the proofs though for my chapter. It’s always strange seeing my work in publication mode. I always end up thinking ‘Blimey I wrote that, how did that happen?!’ Then I send it to my Mum who doesn’t always‘get’ the subject matter (she's never studied science) but always gives great feedback!

Day 70
:: There are a family of ducks in the pond/fountain outside one of the university buildings. It’s a necessary part of our morning walk up to nursery to stop and say hello…

:: Coffee with a friend who celebrated her recent 40th in NYC. Hearing all her news. I miss working with her.

Day 71
:: Sticky toffee pudding and ice cream (neither homemade but delicious)

:: Planning to start my socks (see Christina’s pattern) but realising I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to join in a circle…so started some mitts with chunky wool (yes in June!!) as a trial. AM managing to knit indie out but will turn them when I’ve finished.

Day 72

:: On such a beautiful day we took a trip to Fountains Abbey. We went for a huge walk all around the lake and Abbey. BigR collected wild flowers and leaves and we made a ‘display’ when we got home. The flowers have really faded now but at least the photo still exists.

:: Both girls running through the sprinkler in the afternoon. Such a simple joy.

Day 73
:: After such a beautiful day of course the weather couldn’t last. It rained heavily. BigR needed new shoes and so after a very brief trip to the shoe shop (pink , check. Sparkly light, check – all her own choice!) we settled down to watch the rain (and create havoc and chaos inside!)

Day 74
:: Taking the girls swimming again. BigR tried without armbands – a success. I think she’ll need some lessons soon…LittleR loves the water but has absolutely no fear (in water or on stairs or climbing…BigR is far more cautious a person) and is more than happy to get her face and head wet! She’ll need exceptionally close watching!!

Day 75

:: A very, very early rise. Not down to children but to the ABO being on ‘earlies’. Now I could use this time to catch up on work/cleaning/sorting/ironing but I just lay in bed with my kindle and catching up with blogs!

:: Torrential rain – and being inside when it was falling.

Day 76
:: It was the evening for new parents at BigRs school. As I sat in the room on the low benches I was struck by the fact that all the people in the room would have indirect and direct influence on BigR over the next 7 years. She’ll thrive at school but for possibly the first time I had one of those completely bittersweet moments.

:: This was quickly extinguished with the thought of book bags (available from the office for a price) pump bags (available from the office for a price), uniform – most children like to wear the embroidered cardi/jumper with an embroidered polo shirt (of course they do) and please sew in the name tags; iron on tags and indelible markers aren’t good enough. Deep sigh! I’m sure it’ll be all fine when it gets going.

Day 77
:: Time in the garden when the girls were in bed. Watering the plants. They’re really coming along now. Still plenty to tackle though.

:: After a busy day – climbing into fresh sheets.

Day 78
:: Enjoying a quiet moment between the ABO leaving (another very early start) and the girls getting up.

:: Receiving my beautiful bracelet from Leanne. It was wrapped so beautifully with a lovely card. I love the colour – thank you so much!!


  1. Indelible pen is good enough, byro even better. I have sewn on many name tags, ironed on even more but with number 4, I can't be bothered anymore. Swimming lessons are good fun for kids I think. Although James had to be rescued by a lifeguard recently despite two years of lessons.... Well done for your published chapter. As a (failed) academic I know how much work goes into a chapter or paper. Have a great weekend!
    Christina x
    P.S. I just emailed you using the link on your profile page. Hope you don't mind.

    1. I've just written on nursery clothes otherwise I'd be doing nothing except sewing in labels as they grew so quickly! I've emailed you back!! :-)

  2. I love this list. I know exactly what it's like to have a little one who is fearless around water because my daughter is that way. It was very scary when she was a toddler! I think lessons are a good idea. Good for you getting your chapter published!

    1. she's fearless everywhere! By water, on the stairs (she can open our stair gate!), leaping off the sofa. She'll be the one in trouble I just know it :-)

  3. I love those ducklings - adorable. Plenty of plant watering here too, although I should have done some today but I didn't. I'm an early riser too, and I tend to read blogs if I wake up really early as well. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

    1. I've made it my mission to water this year. I let myself off the last two years (pregnant and new baby) but no excuses now :)

  4. I've enjoyed reading this post. My older daughter who's just turned four will be starting school in September too. We just got a list of the different uniforms,etc that she'll need. Lots to take in but we're really happy with the school and we know she loves learning and she'll thrive there...Hope you're having a lovely week and thanks for visiting my blog. x

  5. Having four myself I'm with Christina re. the name tapes. Maybe sew them in this first time though ... you don't want the school thinking you're a difficult parent before you begin!

    I'm also, like Christina, a once upon a time academic who's moved on but who knows how much work just a short paper takes, and how weird it is looking back at what you've written!

    1. The trials of conforming to school etiquette. I was never really a rebel maybe my time is now?

  6. Your works are good. It is right that time is moving faster than the age!