Monday 2 June 2014

Long days and some rain :: days 57 - 68

Well the days and weeks seem to be slipping by…I’m already more than halfway through my 101 days challenge and we’re in June already. There’s a definite rhythm to my happinesses with lots of food being mentioned.

Day 57 – raindrops on poppies. One of the places I work at has amazing planting down the side of one building.

(Just today I noticed some peonies tightly in bud…I’m looking forward to seeing those flower.)

Day 58 – I worked from home today on some writing I needed to do. I’m actually in an open plan office which make sit really hard to do any serious concentrating. This is unusual for academia, I was kind of hoping to be in my ivory tower once I’d gotten to this point in my career but alas no, I’m in a room with 50 others!! It’s difficult as I’m always half listening to everyone else’s conversations.

My Christmas cactus has decided to flower…hurrah…only it’s not Christmas. Must be very confused…still it looks lovely! (I have now dusted the plant!!)

Day 59 – This was the start of my 4 days of solo parenting. The ABO was on earlies and long earlies at that. He’d be back for bedtime but as the bank holiday stretched out in front of me…with an extra day of University and therefore nursery closure on Tuesday and heavy rain forecast I wasn’t sure what we would do!! As it happens on Saturday I made popcorn whilst LittleR was napping and we then all watched ‘Frozen’ whilst the rain poured down! It was fun.

Day 60 – I knew that the weekend would be difficult but I didn't bank on BigR and I having a grump at the same time. I was in a poor mood to start with, it was raining and I just couldn't be bothered with any whining. We met my friend at a garden centre for a coffee but left very quickly due to moaning. Hmmm. If you say you’re going to leave if the moaning doesn't stop I guess you have to follow through…not very well thought out on my part really!

Still the moaning then stopped and we had a much better day. We picked some flowers from the garden and the girls were super pleased when Daddy came home rushing to the door as he pulled up in the car.

Day 61 – We popped out in the morning to buy some ribbon for the ballet cardigan my friend is making for BigR, she is beyond excited that she’ll be able to wear it soon.
In the afternoon we went to visit another friend who had a baby about a fortnight ago (very briefly!). She’s doing so well and adjusting to the massive change in her life. It made me realise how big my two are!!

Day 62 – It’s a constant effort not to fall into a food rut and turn around the same meals. It’s easy if everyone eats them but it can be a little dull. I saw some lamb mince on the shelf and my first thought was Shepherd’s pie then I decided on lamb burgers. The ABO and I had them for tea with extras for lunch the day after. I was going to make some coleslaw but time escaped me so I just bought some. They were delicious with some rosemary from the garden.

Loving the look on BigR’s face when she gets to wear her  new pyjamas.

Day 63 – Hosting the first seminar for work. It’s a simple thing really but I’d built it up and up into something quite unnecessary. I needed to introduce the speaker, thank them and ‘control’ the questions. It went well and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Day 64 – Another work related happiness…I had a really good meeting and will be able to push forward a research project for the future with the support of my two workplaces and a third party.

Day 65 – I worked at home again but this time took the girls to nursery so the ABO could also do some study. After a productive morning,  we went for lunch together to here. It was delicious.

Day 66 - We had a lovely trip to Harlow Carr using our membership. The gardens are so beautiful year round but it’s fantastic to see what they’ve done with their planting. They have so much colour…it’s a constant battle for me that everything comes at once and then I have periods of ‘quiet’ before the next set of plants come into flower…need to work on this. There wasn't even  too much moaning about walking!

Day 67 – *fanfares*…I've finished the knitted dog. I am so pleased with it!!It looks remarkably like the picture. I think the body is a little under-stuffed at the neck but that makes him (it’s a boy dog I think) an individual.

Day 68 – Littles Rs face when she was given the dog (by BigR). She ‘woofed’ right away so I must look like a dog!!!


  1. The dog came out beautifully! I love the colors in the striping yarn, they're really soft and pretty. I'm sorry you had to leave the coffee date but I know just how it must have been. I've had to leave things early for the same reason. I love the look of your poppies. I've never grown them but they're one of my favorites. I hope you have a nice week. :)

    1. Thank you. It was a definitely a labour of love!

  2. I've got more some beautiful white poppies in the garden just now, and some orange ones like yours, too. I love your eclectic collection of daily memories, I feel that I am getting to know you quite well. I have been trying out names that I think would suit you and that would reflect your loveliness. The dog is amazing, it is just so cute and cuddly and its face reminds me of Sam's puppy soft toy dog that he still has now, aged 13. I am sure Little R will cherish hers for many years to come. Have a great weekend! x

  3. Once you threaten something, you have to follow through on it, don't you? That's why I never threatened to ban cbeebies. Things seem to be going so well for you at work, that's brilliant. x