Wednesday 8 January 2014

Hello 2014

Well 2014 has been a bit of a shock to the system…I’m back at work. Hopefully this might bring some more spare moments for thinking and blogging. It’s a little bit strange being here, especially as the ABO is still off, but in some ways extremely familiar. There’s plenty of change afoot at home…our bedroom is in the process of being decorated….tantalisingly close but not there yet. And we’re about to undertake installation of a new kitchen. I’m not looking forward to the upheaval but I am looking forward to new adventures in cooking and baking!! My mantra during the process will be “it will all be OK”!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to strike a good balance between family and work…and being a bit more creative and mindful.
So what am I thinking of doing this year??
I still have things on my list from October…I’m going to revisit those…
:: making the tea cosy and giving it to S

:: an appliqued blanket for BigR

:: embroider some tea towels

:: take BigR to ‘pots to go’ for some ceramic painting fun

But what else will be new for 2014?
I was really lucky to receive some lovely wool and a pattern book from my knitter friend S and I am booked onto a ‘knitting in the round’ course at a local knitting shop (thank you to the ABO!)
So with that in mind…

:: Knit a hat

:: Knit a hat in the round (or maybe socks?)

:: Sort out the new garden beds…we had trellis separating a part of our garden that fell down in the strong winds recently (taking with it two climbing roses) so I’m seeing this as a new opportunity to re-establish the garden

:: When the kitchen is complete…attempt to cook a new dish once a month for all the family (once a week might be a step too far with everything else that goes on in life). I’m really lucky that both girls really love their food and always try new things (I’m holding onto this with BigR who the other day turned down chicken casserole but ate Rapunzel’s favourite chicken dinner!!) I really should try to menu plan better as well. We’re a lot less wasteful than we were a few years ago… but, I do rely on the old favourites for ease as well as lack of imagination.

So that’s where I am at right now. It’s a change this January when last year I was about to meet a new little person. Which gets me thinking about cakes for a first birthday…


  1. Hello! Glad to see you're posting early in the year. I hope you're enjoying work... and if you need a recipe for a first birthday cake, let me know! I made one for Joe in August and it was really nice (despite my fears of it turning out wrong as it was a previously untried recipe).
    Wishing you a wonderful 2014 x

    1. Work is going OK. It'll take a bit of getting used....although there was no need to set any alarm with my two girls! Ooh a recipe would be lovely...I love to try new things and the kitchen should still be in its current state (working but shabby) next week :)

  2. Happy New Year! I hope you'll enjoy being back at work. Knitting in the round is fun and I try to avoid anything that is knitted flat. I even knit my cardigans in the round and steek them... I am just writing up a no nonsense pattern for socks and will post this on my blog later this month. Cx

    1. I'll look forward to it appearing as a post soon :) And trying it out too :)

  3. I hope your first week back at work went well and wasn't too exhausting. I like the sound of your projects, although I'm afraid knitting in the round is beyond me. Normal, regular knitting is hard enough! x

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. I'm getting there with work. Its still a bit weird. I'm hoping the magical mystery that is dpns will be revealed to me soon...although how much practice I'll get is not known :)