Thursday 23 January 2014

Wondering in January

:: The phrase ‘the days are long but the years are short’ seems very true at the moment. The weeks go by very quickly at the moment even though I seem to be busy at work I spend time being ‘bored’. I love my job but I’m not ‘in love’ with it anymore and I have to say I’m a little shocked by this. Not sure what I’m (we’re) going to do about it as yet but I’ve been looking at the flexible working policy. Maybe I need to give it a little more time.

:: LittleR was 1 last week. There were presents and Grandparents and a Mary Berry Victoria sponge. It was all very jolly….even with teething thrown in.

:: To go alongside the teething we’ve also had colds. Everyone apart from me, with the ABO feeling the worst and doing the most (building Ikea furniture, going in the loft lots of times, preparing for the chaos).

:: Why is it that the traffic on Tuesday is busier than any other time of the week? I’ve often wondered this. It’s even more pronounced when it’s raining. Whilst I’m sat in the traffic I’ll ponder this some more.

:: I have finally started knitting my Knitting and Stitching show project. It’s this pattern by Sirdar and I’ve got 2 colour ways to do for the girls. So far I’m barely through the first dog’s body. I’m hoping the girls like them….when they eventually get finished!! My extremely competent knitter friend, S, has offered to do the second dog so the second girl isn’t left out…

:: I’ve been reading like a demon…however a demon reads that is. In so far as I have finished a book and am 30% (so my kindle tells me) through The Goldfinch. I'm loving it.

:: Have you noticed that it's lighter in the evenings? Is it too early to say this? I am aware of this as currently we haven’t any curtains in the dining room and it was light when the girls had their tea.

:: The kitchen chaos starts tomorrow. I'm already counting the days until we have a functioning kitchen again. I’ve made some freezer dinners, especially for the girls but am expecting a lot of sandwiches and jacket potatoes. Anyone have any good ideas for things to ‘cook’ in a microwave?


  1. No microwave suggestions, I'm afraid... ours is so noisy and useless I tend to use it for storing bananas in.

    Tuesdays are indeed bad for traffic. I used to have a horrible commute and Tuesdays were always the worst day for it - no idea why. Maybe people book Mondays off? Speaking of which, flexible working definitely sounds like a plan. They did it at one place I worked at and as long as I did my core hours I could be a lot more - well, flexible. It was great!
    Good luck with the kitchen. I know it's New Year and all that but there's no harm in the odd takeaway (it's Chinese New Year soon - perfect excuse!)

  2. Do you have a slow-cooker? You can make soups and stews in it. You could chop your veggies and even meat beforehand and freeze it, but that hinges on having a working freezer while the kitchen chaos is going on. Good luck with the kitchen, I'm envious to know you'll have a new one!

  3. Do you have a camping cooker? Pot noodles? You could always throw a handful of peas in.... If you have an Ikea nearby, they do cheap and cheerful food for all.
    Flexible working hours are great. I worked school hours for years and it worked out well for me and us.
    Good luck with the kitchen build. Cx

  4. I hope the kitchen work is going well. Having a new kitchen is exciting but very disruptive. Yes, it is lighter in the afternoons, I thought so myself today. Funny to see a Baa Ram Ewe bag up there. I sometimes pop into the Leeds branch and use one those bags to store my current WIP in. x