Friday 13 December 2013


Where does the time go?

We've been busy. Days out (to Harlow Carr , and a local garden centre for inspiration) various Grandparent visits; them to us and us to them and the necessary Christmas preparations. Amongst this we've had builders doing what they do, causing chaos and mess but then finishing and leaving with a satisfying job. It was only 2 days but it was a hard 2 days of mess. Now we can think about the redecoration and the trip(s) to Ikea. I'll forget all my clothes are in suitcases and we're in a bit of disarray!! We're due for more of the same early next year when we're having our dated and old when we moved in (10 years ago) kitchen remodelled....

I'm happy our tree is up, cards are (mostly) written and we're getting to spend lots of time together.
Here's to more frequent blogging in 2014.


  1. I for one can't wait for 2014 (after a fabulous Christmas, of course) x

  2. A busy time of the year indeed! Looking forward getting to know you better in 2014. Christina x

  3. It's hard to balance blogging with life at this time of year, I find - and even worse when you have builders in and the general chaos that building work brings. Happy Christmas to you and your family. x