Wednesday 5 November 2014

Miscellaneous and happiness and random thoughts

Sarah over at Mitenska has had posts on miscellaneous things in her week. Gillian writes about her weekly happies. I'm going to do a combination of these two things. I not usually such a join-er in-er (is that a word/phrase??) but I can't not join in with these.

We survived our first half term. It was a whirlwind of getting stuff done, reading, trips out, family visiting, eating lots, treats, cinema visits (Daddy and daughter day)  and catching up on sleep. It has (almost) been a relief to get back into a routine and back to work/school - although I'm pleased this is my last working day of the week....

We had a fabulous day out in Whitby. The sun shone and the weather was warm (for the end of October). We made collections of stones (and brought a few home), played crazy golf, ate fish and chips and ice cream. It was a very good day. We all slept well after the sea air!

I traversed the entirety of Leeds to get a pumpkin on Halloween. A trip to big Tesco resulted in no pumpkin (but nappies - the real reason for going) but BigR did see Tesco staff members dressed up for Halloween, and from no where (when the music started) run into the centre of the store and start dancing (in time) to Thriller. Very random but very good. This resulted in much YouTube after to see MJ in action. She wasn't sure if he was brilliant or not.

I did eventually get a couple of pumpkins in our local veg shop. One was very anaemic....scary :) they're still sat on plates in our kitchen and going slightly fusty now so I'll have to spirit them into the bin later tonight (under the cover of darkness) so there are no protestations.

I made a ginger cake following this recipe. Yum. It's gone now.

I ironed and ironed and ironed to X factor. I think the ironing made X factor better. I finished all the ironing and gloried in that moment where there was no more ironing. Sadly, there's now more ironing. who though uniforms and being smart was a good idea?

I finished knitting my hat. It's blue and green not purple. It's a bit big. Maybe I should've made the biggest child's size? It looks a bit wonky here too but 'in real life' it isn't. I will be wearing it. Maybe I'll even model it?

I took more pictures of roses in the garden. Still yet more appear and flower (don't look at the black spot on the leaves) and it's November. Just beautiful.

I've been reading lots too....recipe books mostly. In bed.

Today I've been embracing The Smiths. Spurred by this post from Leanne. This isn't my favourite Smiths song but it's got very good jangly guitars. I love Johnny Marr.


  1. It looks like you have had a lot on the go! I'm always so impressed when I read that people iron their clothes. I'm afraid I don't care enough about wrinkles to bother with ironing them out. :-)

    The hat looks great - it's always hard to get a good picture of a hat that isn't sitting on a head.

  2. I don't do much ironing either! Just Sam's and Richard's shirts, sometimes. Your hat looks fab, you could call it slouchy hat instead of too big hat, it is trendy to have slouchy hats Have a lovely rest of the week. x

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day at Whitby. I always think chips are compulsory by the sea. Something about the salt sea air. I have to spirit things out of the house after darkness as well, it's easier that way. I love the hat, the yarn is great. CJ xx

  4. I hardly ever iron, pretty much only when I'm sewing! I think people iron a lot more over there. No wonder we're failing at everything. :) I really like your hat. And your cake looks delicious!

  5. Sounds like you had a good half-term. Always love a trip to Whitby. I'm glad to hear you had a great time and you got lucky with the weather, too. I like the cake and your roses are pretty. The hat looks lovely and well done for getting all the ironing done. I know the 'no more ironing to do' only lasted for a moment, but still well done ! x

  6. Your half term sounds brilliant. I really wanted to get up to Whitby before the weather changed, but there just wasn't time. You are right, an empty ironing basket is the best thing. I always feel such a disproportionate sense of achievement. xx

  7. It was lovely to read your miscellaneous happy moments! I would need something far more interesting than ironing to make x factor interesting for me, but I do watch tv shows I have recorded to make the ironing more interesting! xx