Wednesday 12 November 2014

I am trying

Yes I know I am trying in all senses of the word.

:: I am trying to Get. Stuff. Done. I’ve written and rewritten my do list today and I am getting through it. I just had to put a couple of items on the list that I’d already completed just to give me more impetus.

:: I am trying to be patient when hearing my child read. Give me my due, for the most part I am. Unless she’s making no effort and then I feel really annoyed. She doesn’t know this yet. I guess you have to get her at the ‘right’ moment. And me at the right moment too.

:: I am trying not to be too disappointed it’s raining. Again.

:: I am trying to get bulbs into the garden in the few moments that LittleR is asleep. She loves to be outside but has to constantly monitored leaving no room for bulb digging.

:: I am trying to look forward to a few days off.

:: I am trying to believe that these all won’t be 5.30am get up times.

:: I am trying not to wish my children’s lives away but really do hope they start getting up after 6am! That seems far more civilised.

:: I am trying to be more prepared for that thing that happens as the same time every year in December. 

:: I am trying to hold off on buying a new notebook to prepare for that thing that happens in December.

:: I am trying to think of some more personal gifts for friends. I’ve had an idea of embroidered decorations…we’ll see…watch this space.

:: I am trying not to be too cross with a school that gives 2 days’ notice for a costume on the theme of ‘a hero’.  Yes, she does want to go dressed as Elsa.

:: I am trying to read a very dull academic paper and failing.

:: I am trying to look for solutions to the CD/DVD explosion we have in the corner of our living room. I’m thinking of recycling the cases and using an big CD/DVD envelope. We hardly play CDs now as they’re all on the computer. That means more space for cookery books!

:: I am trying to remember that in amongst all the trivial things, I am trying and that’s something.

(Don't you think the pink primrose at the back looks like she's waving and shouting 'I'm over here!')


  1. I'm trying too. To do and be lots of things: to the point where I daren't list it all down because that list would be just too overwhelming.
    But yes, 5.30am is uncivilised. You're a better person than me for getting up so early and getting on with your day!
    P.S. Buy a notebook, you know you want to ;)
    S x

  2. Reading with little ones can be tedious. James's first year teacher always said that if there is not a good time to do homework (and it happens!), then better not do it so that he wouldn't loose the joy of learning. We stick to this mantra and it works. I get impatient very quickly, particularly with James because he struggles so much. Counterproductive of course! But we are all just human 5:30 is very uncivilised, not even CBBees is on yet! I hope that the dark morning will keep the under the duvet a bit longer! Be kind to yourself! xx

  3. I remember the 5.30 wake up very clearly. For a while it was 4.30. That was hideous. The days are sooooooo long. My eyes were constantly sore. I have been steadily working my way through my to do list this week, which has surprised me no end. I am the master of procrastination usually.
    Leanne xx

  4. Last minute costumes are an absolute horror aren't they. As are the early starts. I try not to think about the December thing until December. I find the panic of finding it's less than three weeks away works wonders in motivating me. But I'd definitely buy a new notebook now. Just in case there is a run on them. Enjoy your days off. CJ xx

  5. Indeed, you are right. Trying is the important part! I keep on trying, not sure that I am getting anywhere, but if I don't try, I definitely won't get there! xx

  6. What a fantastic post. You are trying, that's the main thing! And probably succeeding too, although I bet you don't give yourself enough credit for that. And yes, last minute school requests for fancy dress drive me mad. Tomorrow, for Children in Need, Angus is supposed to go either in spots or something "bear like". We have neither, and I'm not going out to buy something specially, so I guess he's going in jeans and a t-shirt! x

  7. Well done to your big girl for learning to read, and to you as well for trying to be patient with her. It's not easy, especially when you're waking up at 5:30 everyday. That makes everyone more tired. Hopefully their sleeping hours will be longer in the winter months...Hope you enjoy your days off. We'll have to keep trying, that's all we can do...Lovely flowers, by the way. x

  8. I am trying to do so many of the same things. I feel like I'm always in a state of trying, actually. I'm so happy to hear Big R is reading, such an exciting milestone!