Wednesday 14 May 2014

Ten random things

Having seen a few of these random lists on various blogs (but most notably Annie and Gillian) I thought I'd compile one of my own.
Pic is a random cloud I saw today and liked.

1.  Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist who specialised in crustaceans (not marine mammals that everyone else wanted!!).  When I was 11 I wrote to a Professor in Cambridge (who had written a book I found in Foyles book shop) to ask how to be one. I got a handwritten reply and still have it.  I did go on to study science but not marine science (even fewer jobs and opportunities in that than my chosen field!).

2.  I kept tropical and marine fish when I lived with my parents and would love to again but marine tanks are a lot of work.

3.  I wear skirts everyday to work (no need to...I  just do) but jeans and leggings at home.

4.  I'm not particularly tidy but I cannot bear knives, forks and spoons not to be in their correct sections in the cutlery drawer. I know the ABO frequently challenges this state of nature for his own amusement.

5.  My cookbooks are arranged in colour order on their shelves.

6.  I have strange food allergies being allergic to types of squash, pumpkin, courgettes. I have a severe allergy to beet root.

7.  In 1982 John Craven (of Newsround fame) was on the same plane as my family (to somewhere in Greece). My mum stopped me from bothering him on his holiday on the way out but didn't have a leg to stand on the way back. I spent the entire flight chatting to his daughter.

8.  My parents had a holiday romance (also in Greece!) and found out they lived 4 miles from each other.

9.  I hardly ever wear make up as I always look like a clown when I apply it plus for some reason it slides off my face within minutes even with 'primers'.

10. I love lemons and will always choose a lemon dessert over anything else.


  1. Poor John Craven! I once collared Adrian Dunbar (a actor) in a bar in Muswell Hill. I was slightly inebriated, and hassled him all evening about a film that he had been in called 'The Playboys.' My friend said later that he looked terrified! I love your random things. They are fun to read. I may have a go too!
    Have a good week.
    Leanne xx

  2. I wanted to be a virologist when I grew up but never made it (I did microbiology in the end, but no viruses for me). Funny, I get annoyed when the cutlery is not "how it should be". Have a great rest of the week. x

  3. I love lemon desserts too. Sometimes I make them at home just for me and the middle boy, no-one else understands our lemon love. How wonderful that that professor took the time to write you a letter, it's lovely when people take the time to encourage others, especially children. A shame you didn't ever get to be that marine biologist. I enjoyed reading your random things, and I'm trying to think up ten of my own. CJ xx

  4. Yes to lemon desserts (although they have to fight it out with chocolate)... and I love the story of your parents meeting in Greece.
    Jay had tropical (not marine) fish when we met, but then bought a crayfish and it ate all its tank companions. We eventually set it loose in a little pond nearby - this is possibly an irresponsible thing to do - and I'm convinced it will reach Godzilla-like proportions and come knocking on the door one day. No, I'm not on drugs.
    You're not missing much with pumpkins - they're at their best when carved and illuminated :)

  5. Great list :) I'm another fan of lemon desserts although if there's a chocolate dessert on the list I have a hard time choosing.

    Thank you for the link. I just wrote a second random ten post but I'm thinking that's me all randomed out for now!

  6. Love your facts. Yes to lemon puds, I'll take that over chocolate any day. I like that you arrange your cookery books in colour order. I sometimes think about doing that but I'm lazy and like to have the ones I use most nearest. x