Friday 11 April 2014

Nice and spicy 101 days :: 8-14


I’m loving the longer days. The early evening sun that means that I can pop outside when the girls are in bed. Collect the washing off the line. Take a quick look around the garden whilst the pasta cooks. Make plans to dig, sow and plant.

Plans are afoot, decisions have been made and things move onwards. I’ve had some leave approved for June. We find out about schools next week (eek), my parents are up for another visit and I shall be enjoying an ’extra’ day off after the bank holiday as the university still has a closure on some Tuesdays after bank holidays.

So here’s some more of my 101 days countdown.

Day 8

:: Bringing home LittleR’s nursery profile book to look at all the things she’s been up to whilst we’ve been at work.

:: Asking where’s LittleR gone and looking round and seeing she’s up the stairs! This little girl has no fear!! I’m sure she was a mountaineer in a previous life with the amount of climbing she does!!

Day 9

:: Seeing BigR and LittleR enjoy the (surprisingly and gratifyingly quiet) soft play centre. Last time we went LittleR couldn’t walk and BigR didn’t have the upper arm strength to use the monkey bars.

:: My parents arrive for a weekend visit, and take BigR to their place (a little holiday home) for a ‘sleepover’.

Day 10

:: A delicious family meal out.

:: The camellia finally in flower.

Day 11

:: Taking both Rs swimming. LittleR hasn’t been swimming before and she was a little nonplussed about the other people in her, slightly colder than usual, bath! She got the hang of it eventually and splashed away whilst clinging to me or the ABO. 

:: Giving the ABO 45 minutes of quiet during the football but taking BigR away to do some baking the result being a very delicious apple cake.

Day 12

:: Making (and eating) jambalaya….haven’t made this meal in a while and it really is delicious. I used to make this with Cajun spice but here was always something not quite right about it. Anyway my discovery of Bart’s Creole spice made it, in my mind, a more authentic taste.

It’s very easy and quick. On this day I didn’t have anything other than green peppers so it is overwhelmingly green.

I knew we were hungry and this made 3 meals (one for the freezer) with seconds for the ABO and myself. I browned chopped chicken breast (2) and half a chorizo sausage together for 10 mins then removed to a plate. In the chicken/chorizo pan I fried off 3 sticks of celery and 2 green peppers, after 5 mins I returned the meat to the pan add 2-3 teaspoons of creole spice, a big tin of tomatoes, rice and 400ml of chicken stock. 

Stirring well until brought the boil, this is turned down to a simmer for about 20 mins…or until the rice is cooked and the liquid has been absorbed. Sometimes, I need to add a bit more liquid depending on the type of rice I have used and how much I’ve thrown in.

Day 13

:: Meeting the ABO for lunch before he collected the girls.
:: Finishing another good book! And choosing the next....hmmm...

Day 14

:: The light through a stained glass window in the Leeds General Infirmary.


  1. Oh, that jambalaya looks nice. Will definitely be giving it a try... although it will all be for me as my other half doesn't like rice. Or peppers. Don't get me started...
    It's nice to have the lighter evenings, isn't it? Extra pottering time outdoors is such a pleasure :)

    1. I could quite happily eat this everyday :-) Am loving the pottering about and am looking forward to good weather this weekend :-) x

  2. Oh I am so hungry! We make something similar to your jambalaya but not with creole spice mix. Adding this to my shopping list. I like your 101 pleasures, such a simple and effective way to remind yourself of the small pleasures that make you happy. Have a lovely weekend. Cx

  3. Your jambalaya looks delicious. I enjoy reading this list when you post them, they're always interesting and thought-provoking.

  4. It looks and sounds like a life lived to the full! Hope you have a fab Easter x

    1. Thank you...we did have lots of fun! :-) Hope you did too.

  5. That jambalaya looks delicious. I've never made it but I love one-pot suppers like this. (That reminds me - hubby is working late one night this week so I've bookmarked that lemon pasta dish you recommended, as I know I'll love it and he wont!) Your days sound so full and happy with your lovely family. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. x

    1. We did enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed the lemon pasta it's on my radar again as the ABO is on lates!!