Wednesday 2 April 2014

101 days :: 1-7

Day 1

  • The ABO being back home…and now based locally!
  • A new notebook
  • LittleR feeding everyone soggy toast at breakfast time

Day 2

  • Lunch with the ABO
  • Big R retrieving a card for me from her nursery drawer

Day 3

  • Being out in the garden…making headway on the weeding and enjoying the sunshine.
  • Planting seeds (with muddy feet)

  • BigR collecting my weeds into a large flower pot

Day 4

  • Homemade and bought Mother’s Day cards and gifts
  • Beautiful tulips and daffodils
  • Chicken, lemon and thyme risotto…yum yum

Day 5

  • R staying in bed until 5.55am! A result!!
  • Coffee on the way to work
  • The lighter evenings
  • Primroses in huge pots at work

Day 6

  • New books – including 100 knitted and crochet flowers…all the more reason to learn to crochet now!
  • Sunshine after fog
  • Handbag organiser…where have you been all my life?
  • Ticking off long awaited jobs on my list

Day 7

  • Sandwiches made for me - why do sandwiches made by someone else always taste better?
  • Completing a piece of work!!


  1. Nice list! I have that crochet/knit flowers book too, love it.

  2. Thank you :) Now all I need to do is try some flowers...

  3. Lots of small pleasures here. I quite fancy that book too, I bet it's full of inspiration. x

    1. I think some of the flowers (of course all my faves) are a bit beyond me at the moment but maybe I can work on that for future posts! :)