Wednesday 19 August 2015

The year in books :: August

So the summer continues apace. July was a good reading month for me in both volume and quality.

I loved Tana French's 'Broken Harbour' - I really like her characterisations. So much so I've ordered The Secret Place for this August's reading (....I know, I know I'm a bit late...I may have started it). I'm also planning to read The Magpies by Mark Edwards, I'm just not feeling Kate Atkinson yet!

I read the fabulous 'I let you go' by Clare Mackintosh. A first book from a new author and a brilliant thriller (and part of the Richard and Judy book club- that might put some people off - not the reason I read it but it wouldn't put me off).
For me, this was as good as 'The girl on the train'. I loved it. It kept me guessing and the end wasn't a let down! What more can you ask for?

My third book this month was 'Bad Mother' (Esther Walker). I really love her blog Recipe Rifle and her other writing so it was opportune I saw this when browsing kindle books, it's just so easy to click 'download now'. She writes honestly about her experience(s) with her young children and with humour (and a bit of swearing). It was worth the 99p!

As a change to normal bedtime shenanigans, we're trying out chapter books for BigR. The first being 'Charlotte's Web'. Now, it's as good as I remember but....I've read ahead and I don't remember the denouement being as heartbreaking. Maybe not the best thing for bedtime!! The next one I think we'll go for is 'Stig of the Dump'.

I've been reading some of my birthday presents too. Of course these are food related. I was lucky enough to receive Diane Henry's 'Cook Simple', Rachel Allen's 'All Things Sweet' and the River Cottage Preserving book. Plenty for me to try out soon.

Joining in with Laura


  1. Hey N,
    You have reminded me that I haven't written my Year In Books post for August yet. Oops. I have heard good things about Tana French. I tend to be ultimately disappointed by murder/mystery books. How good is this on a scale of 1-10?Good to see you here, lovely.
    Leanne xx

    1. Leanne, I looooove Tana French. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm going to say 8-9!

    2. I agree...8 or 9 (apart from the newest one which I'd say a 7 or 8)

    3. I'd give the series ess, maybe 6-7 because of the out of space plot (not literally) in one of the books. I can't remember the name but it was the 2nd one in the series. I am demanding (having worked in Forensic Med and Sci for five years)

  2. I love that you're starting chapter books with BigR! How exciting. Charlotte's Web is an excellent place to begin. :)

  3. Sounds like a very good months reading! Hope that you enjoy the good things to come! xx

  4. Chapter books are great for kids. We just started 'The Demon Dentist' with James and Alistair. I am going to look out the Clare Mackintosh book out. Happy reading! x

  5. Oh, I love those River Cottage books.
    Just today I was thinking I need to read more English to my kids. Charlotte's Web might be a nice choice. May plenty of reading time come your way! xxx

  6. Chapter books at bedtimes are great. I still read to my youngest every night (he's 13 but shows no signs of wanting to stop). X

  7. I just read "I let you go"
    loved it x