Tuesday 14 April 2015

The year in books :: April

You would think given all the hospital waiting time and all the sleepless nights there would be plenty of time for reading - you would be wrong. When I had the time I didn't have the inclination and my March plans for 'The year in books' changed. I needed comfort and writer who I can rely on and so returned to the third Tana French novel set in Dublin 'Faithful Place'.
In this book we see Frank Mackey (when we first met in the second novel and was utterly unlikeable) return to his roots and explore his past and events that have made in him who he is. I really like the way that French is able to combine a whodunnit and character development. I hopes for her fourth level which I'm hoping takes a character that has a moderate role to play in this third book and expand upon this.

Once again I'm joining in with Laura.

Edited: I just realised that I didn't put in my book for April! I'm hoping to read (amongst others if time and temperament allows) 'The Girl on the Train' By Paula Hawkins.

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on my previous post; I really appreciate your kind words. I'm hoping to be back to your blogs very soon. 


  1. I can well understand that you haven't felt able to read. At difficult moments I've found that I'm just staring at the same page and not absorbing anything. A favourite author is a good idea. I hope your little one is doing well. CJ xx

  2. Can I assume that Mackey is more likeable in the third book? I found him almost unbearable in the second book. Thinking of you, hoping life will return to a more normal pace sometime soon. x

  3. It's very hard to relax in the hospital, whether you're the patient or someone accompanying them. I'm re-reading In the Woods at the moment. I can't stay away from Tana French for long.

  4. I can't read or relax in hospitals, dentists or doctors. I've never read Tana French. I've put her on my list. I like a female novelist.
    Take care of yourself. I hope your little girl is doing well.
    Leanne xx