Thursday 24 October 2013

Pottering and a surprise

We have been home for a week now. There’s a familiar pattern to the days, partially driven by LittleR’s routine and partially by BigR’s time at nursery.
I’ve spent the last couple of days pottering around; searching out some frames for some photos I will get printed, gathering the necessary supplies for my embroidery project, starting a ‘quick’ knitting project which wasn’t on my list, clearing out magazines and papers clipped from magazines/newspapers/other bits (yes, I quite enjoy this, but not the tidying of official paperwork). This has been interspersed with the more necessary domestic duties – a supermarket shop, picking up countless toys and washing sandy/muddy nursery clothing, I’m sure it’s only my child that gets this filthy. I do like a bit of pottering. The ABO went into the loft and retrieved some of BigR's old toys and books for LittleR. He also put up some pictures for LittleRs room that have been sat waiting for a hook for too many months. It felt good to do those small jobs.
The ABO is away  at the moment so I could fall into a spell of eating badly, of ‘not looking after myself in the way I should’. Sometimes this is good. Just to have some toast for tea with the children and then feasting on chocolate later...we all need that sometimes...Generally I am good at preparing food for myself. I like to think of this as a creative activity and I know it's important to look after myself so i can look after the girls. It's fortunate my children will eat a wide variety of things so we often all eat the same meals. What I craved this week has been something hearty and something that perhaps the girls' wouldn't eat. I took inspiration from Sarah’s blog and made chickpea and chorizo stew. I had all the things I needed in the house (onion, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and paprika) so it was a winning situation. It was even better a day later...

After a day which included a ginormous supermarket shop with a slightly snuffly child I came home to a beautiful surprise.

I love gerberas!


  1. Hello - glad you liked the stew! I always took time to cook nice food when I lived alone (and was even organised enough to freeze single portions for those cold, wet days after a long journey home from work on a crowded bus).
    I'm a fellow fan of sorting through magazine clippings and have several projects in mind for handmade Christmas presents :)

  2. Delicious sounding stew I love chorizo, I do a bake with chicken thighs, large chunks of chorizo, baby potato, red onion quartered, chopped rosemary and few unpeeled cloves of garlic, drizzled with olive oil. Roast until cooked then add a large handful of chopped parsley .

    1. That also sounds delicious. I'll give that one a go too :)

  3. That stew sounds so, so good. I adore chorizo and have to stop myself putting it in my trolley every week. I always make omelettes when my other half is away or working late as I love them but he's not a fan.

    I answered your question about the Rose Prince book in the comment thread but basically yes, I like it. x

  4. Omelettes is one of my fall backs too....quick and easy and so many potential varieties!!
    Thanks for the book info. I'll add it to my Christmas list now :) You can never have too many books!